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Best of Boston Home 2024Our goal is to make your smart technology journey effortless and enriching, whether that is for home automation or conference room AV. We work with industry-leading products and companies to deliver unique technology experiences. With home automation in Boston, you receive simplicity, reliability, and, most importantly, a flawless user experience for you and your home. We will lead you through your smart technology journey from design to implementation and onward. Our commitment to design-led thinking, attention to detail, and aftercare support ensure you have the experience you deserve with the smart home company you need.

  • Design


    We are with you from the very beginning of your smart home journey, ensuring that your home’s design narrative seamlessly blends with your new technology.
  • Build


    It’s your experience that is important to us. We work directly with you and your architect, builder, or designer to implement your new technology the right way.
  • Support


    When your smart home is ready, our work is not done. We provide proven aftercare services to keep your home secure and operating the way you want it to.
Our process

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Home Diagram
Audio Visual Climate Door Entry Motorized Shades and Drapes Wifi Cyber Security Smart Lighting

Audio Visual

Speakers hidden inside walls. Smart TVs that respond to your every command. Our AV solutions ensure you enjoy your home's entertainment features to the fullest.


Smart climate control allows you to maintain control of your home's temperature from any location. With the ability to learn your routines and even integrate with your home's shades, smart climate controls optimize your home's energy efficiency, saving you money.

Door Entry

Smart entry systems ensure your home is secure not just digitally, but physically as well. Protect your home and control it's access from anywhere, at any time.

Motorized Shades and Drapes

Open your home to the world every morning and let the sun wake you naturally. Close your shades at the touch of a button to bring privacy to your home in the evening. 


Utilizing trusted technologies such as Cisco Meraki we design home networks with access points that span your entire home, ensuring that you and your devices are always connected.

Cyber Security

While most consider cyber security a workplace issue, the transition to working at home and the rise in IoT devices have made cyber security a crucial aspect of any connected home.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting opens the door to unparalleled convenience and the ability to replicate the natural light of the sun throughout your home.

What makes a TSP smart space?

Home automation opens the door to exceptional experiences in the comfort of your home. Lighting, shades, security, audio/visual, climate control, and more come together to provide a personalized experience at the touch of a button. With smart home technology, you can automate your life and bring the power of your home into your control. Contact our team today or check out our resources page to learn more.

Your smart home

Illuminating History

TSP brings lighting design to historic Boston home

Built in 1883 and designed by the prestigious architects Rotch & Tilden, this historic home in Boston’s Back Bay is an authentic timepiece of the late 19th century. While we had the chance to bring smart home solutions in the form of Lutron and Savant to all 15,000 feet of the home, the part of the project that shines brightest is the home’s music room.

View Project

Model of Inspiration

Smart home technology in a luxury condominium property

The new Residences at 566 Columbus Ave aim to set a new standard for luxury living in downtown Boston. Sleek finishes and modern design features highlight the 66 new luxury condominiums. We worked hand-in-hand with Ricardo Rodriguez and Associates to bring smart technology options to all residents of this luxury condominium.

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Galactic Getaway

Home automation technology transforms classic lake house into entertainment haven

Overlooking a charming New England lake sits a beautiful vacation home with a new addition that features a bowling alley, indoor pool, and a paddle tennis court. This award-winning project is the perfect example of how home automation can transform entire spaces, custom to each person’s lifestyle.

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Experience a TSP smart space.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true when demonstrating the positive impact smart home technology can bring to you and your home. Watch the videos below to see home automation in Boston in action. 

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

Whether we are working directly with the home owners or brought in by the Architect, Interior Designer or the Builder, we put collaboration at the heart of all our projects. From the beginning of the process, we make sure that everyone is included in the discussion of the technology integration. Only in that way can we can achieve the overarching vision of the home and make the process smooth and enjoyable.


TSP has a long history of partnering with architects to meet their clients’ need for smart home integration – be it whole home automation or lighting control and shades. Our architect partners spend months and sometimes even years perfecting a design, so home automation technology needs to support the design, not fight it. We support their vision by working in close collaboration to preserve and enhance their design, while improving the comfort and enjoyment of the home for the owners. Our main goal is to facilitate the execution of our architect partners’ visions with minimal interference and maximum reliability.

  • Infrastructure
  • Lighting and Shades
  • Whole House Audio
  • Security

Some Examples.

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Interior Designers.

Smart homes offer a whole new toolbox for interior designers to play with. When your client has invested in beautiful statement lighting pieces, the last thing you want to do is finish off the look with a plastic switch! Replacing multi-gangs of light switches with a single luxurious keypad further enhances the design of the home. Furthermore, AV, window treatments, and security systems bring a wide variety of choices, and we help our clients and designers find the perfect solution, including nearly invisible solutions so that the technology does not detract from the specific design narrative of the home.

  • Custom keypads
  • Personalized design
  • Invisible options
  • Lighting and shading

Some examples.

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Custom builders.

The most important things we offer our custom home builder partners are reliability and solid project management. We take the home automation installation off your hands, and you can trust us to handle it well. Our project managers will keep you informed of our progress with frequent and clear communication, minimizing interference for your team. We provide detailed plans and elevations, and finish off the job with 360 imaging of our projects before and after the walls are closed up. We think about long term support, and most importantly, we work together as a part of your team.

  • Detailed construction-ready plans
  • Electrical and cooling requirements
  • Component rack drawings
  • Dedicated project managers

Some Examples.

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What our clients say.

  • "TSP Smart Spaces has delivered on every request - every detail considered so that my smart home feels like it's part of my daily life. They can make changes remotely and even answer my IT questions. It's great to have their team to help me with my tech every step of the way."

    Bjorg B. / Boston MA

  • "TSP was very effective at collaborating closely with a multidisciplinary design team to achieve a forward thinking AV and Low Voltage design approach that is a value-add to the overall development”

    Boston Global Investors / Boston MA

  • "Michael and everyone on his team are fantastic. The install is very professional and organized. The product they spec is top notch and they are experts.
    Everybody including the back office are very well coordinated. They are super at communicating. Everybody seem to know the details of the project."

    Dane Jorgensen

  • "Driscoll Electric Co., Inc. has worked with TSP on multiple projects and each interaction has been nothing but pleasant. They are experts in their craft and it shows in the quality of their work. Always a pleasure to work with their crew!"

    Jamie Driscoll / Driscoll Electric Co.

  • "I've collaborated with TSP on multiple projects, including my own homes. They're always up for a challenge and have a real joy for technology. I'm happy to depend on them for all of my tech-related needs"

    Eggert Dagbjartsson

Our home automation services.

  • Smart lighting

    Smart lighting

    Smart lighting opens the door to unparalleled convenience and the ability to replicate the natural light of the sun throughout your home.
  • Window treatments

    Window treatments

    Open your home to the world every morning and let the sun wake you naturally with automated shades and drapery. 
  • Security


    Ensure your home is secure not just digitally, but physically as well. Protect your home and control its access from anywhere, at any time.
  • Home theater

    Home theater

    An immersive cinema experience in the comfort of your home. Bespoke AV solutions show films the way they were meant to be seen.
  • Climate control

    Climate control

    With the ability to learn your routines and integrate with your shades, smart climate controls optimize your energy efficiency.
  • Smart home support

    Smart home support

    Enjoy peace of mind that your smart home is always up-to-date and secure with our aftercare services and smart home support.
Our services

Your questions.

  • What is a smart home?

    A smart home is where technology and experience meet. An automated home empowers you with unlimited creativity and control over your home. By seamlessly integrating lighting, shades, audio, visual, climate, security, and more, you can control and customize your home wherever and whenever.

  • What does a smart home do?

    Smart home automation puts you in control. Personalized automation scenarios can be set up to make your life easier and help you enjoy your home to its fullest potential. Ensure that the temperature is set, lights are on, and your favorite music is playing every day upon your return from work. Turn off all your lights and close all your shades when leaving your home with the touch of a button. Check your security cameras at any time when away on vacation. Smart home automation enriches and simplifies your life.

  • How do your solutions differ from DIY systems?

    DIY systems are great if you’re working with a small space and implementing a single solution (such as adding Sonos to your bedroom or a Ring doorbell to your front door.) Our solutions come into play when coordinating multiple devices and systems across many rooms in the home (or the entire home). When you want multiple systems to work well together and across numerous spaces – even multiple houses – TSP Smart Spaces will work personally with you to bring your dream to life.

  • Can cybersecurity be part of a smart home solution?

    Yes! Cybersecurity is an essential part of any smart home. By partnering with TSP Smart Spaces, you are assured that your home is protected from any potential threats. Our smart homes are supported by decades of IT experience and benefit from our proven aftercare service. Almost all of your smart home’s issues can be fixed remotely the moment they arise. Read more in our home cybersecurity blog post.

  • Should I have one control method for all systems, or is it better to keep them separate?

    TSP Smart Spaces is one of the few smart home integration companies offers solutions for both, whether you like having an app for everything, or prefer a single integrated control. There are pros and cons with both directions, and we will walk you through all of them. This is part of our design process to make sure you are setting up the controls that work the way you envision. 

  • Do you provide home automation in Boston only?

    Absolutely not! We cover all of New England and have several projects out of state as well, including Florida, Arizona and New York. If you are unsure if we cover your area please get in touch!

Our Partners.

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