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There are many ways our clients choose to bring smart home solutions into their homes. Our main goal as the integrator is to collaborate with the architect, interior designer, and homeowner throughout the process. This way the vision of the property remains true, and the homeowner has the best possible end result.  


Technology can either be something that’s a real design statement, or it can be very nearly invisible. Which route is chosen is often a decision made in collaboration with the three main parties involved in a project. The homeowner, the architect, and the interior designer. Our aim is to provide all the options available so an educated decision can be made to best suit the vision of the home, and the needs of the homeowner.

While the architect and the interior designer set the visual tone, the smart home integration enhances these elements and increases the comfort and enjoyment of the spaces for years to come. Whatever your role in the project, with our proven Design, Build, and Support process, we are with you from the beginning of your smart home journey and well beyond.


Design-led thinking – Your home’s interior should seamlessly blend with your smart home automation technology. Automation technology is designed to enhance your home’s aesthetic yet remain discrete and unobtrusive.

Centralized control – Voice controls, customized buttons, and your phone gives you complete control of your entire home from a single, integrated system.

Your dream home imagined – Enhance your whole home experience by completely customizing it to your needs. Create the home of your dreams and maximize your space’s potential with smart home integration.

Some Examples.



Spec-ready plans – In a new home, we work directly with the builders and architects to ensure technology is brought in as part of the building process, not an afterthought.

Project management – Project managers work hand-in-hand with you and the entire team. They execute every detail of your smart home exactly as you envision and keep everything on track.

Attention to detail – A project is not complete unless we’re confident every one of our standards has been met through each step of the process, delivering smart home automation that exceeds your expectations.

Some Examples.



99.9% reliability – You want your home to operate at maximum efficiency and comfort, and TSP Smart Spaces provides aftercare service to keep your home running the way you expect it to and prevent issues from arising.

Remote monitoring – Your house talks to us 24/7 and keeps us in the loop, fixing and eliminating problems before they happen.

Personal assistance – Need us? We’re here to help. The same team that designed and built your smart home is always available to make any needed adjustments to make your home the best possible experience.

Some Examples.


What our clients say.

  • “I've collaborated with TSP on multiple projects, including my own homes. They're always up for a challenge and have a real joy for technology. I'm happy to depend on them for all of my tech-related needs.”

    Eggert D. / New England

  • “TSP did an amazing job in dealing with the complexity of converting from a complicated legacy system and they were wonderful to work with. The new system is a huge improvement over what we had before.”

    Colonial-Era Home / New England

We only work with the best.

To ensure we deliver the best end product possible, we only partner with the very best smart home automation companies in the industry. Our chosen partners provide the best quality products with a real attention to esthetics. They are also more robust and easier to maintain for the long-term enjoyment of your home. What’s the difference between our solutions and DIY? Quite a bit!