Your home is more connected than ever. Think about which devices in your home are connecting to the internet. Laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles probably come to mind. But your home has many more connected devices than you might realize. Smart light bulbs, your television, doorbells, and even many of our refrigerators and microwaves connect to the internet daily. This makes your home cybersecurity and networking more important than ever before.

Every time you and your data send and receive information on your network, it is at risk of being stolen by hackers. This risk has only been amplified in recent years. Since the pandemic, more people are working from home than ever before. Companies are realizing that much of their data is being run through their employees’ home networks, and the need for cybersecurity in the home has become as important as in the corporate office.

59% workers are working from home in some capacityAccording to Pew Research, roughly six-in-ten US workers who say their jobs can mainly be done from home (59%) are working from home all or most of the time.*

due to virtual meetings, home cybersecurity is more important than ever

What are VLANs?

TSP is one of the first companies offering true cybersecurity protection for homeowners, tying back to our roots in IT services.

We have protected our business and enterprise clients for 30 years and have been around since before cybersecurity was even a thing. Most cyber attacks happen because someone falls for a phishing attack or clicks a link to download malware.

In a normal home network, all devices are on the same segment, allowing traffic to flow freely from device to device without restriction. The risk is that a successful intrusion to the network – no matter how small – now exposes all devices across your entire network to that attack.

For smaller networks, that risk might be acceptable, especially at home. But many of our client’s risk profile is a lot higher. They are working from home more than 50% of the time, running companies, and doing transactions worth five figures (or more) when they’re at work.


Businesses learned long ago that the risk of a small cyberattack becoming a business-disrupting event was too great not to protect themselves. Post-pandemic, homeowners are also worried about the risk of cyber attacks, and rightly so.

The protection against this type of cyber attack comes in two forms – first, the more traditional Firewall protects against many kinds of threats from the outside. But it isn’t enough to assume that firewalls will be 100% effective. After all, we all have houseguests, and who doesn’t provide their guests with Wifi? So what’s stopping an infected laptop from joining your network and causing further havoc – that’s where the second layer of protection comes in: Network Segmentation.

Properly designed networks have multiple “VLANs” (Virtual Local Area Networks) to help protect different classes of devices. These enable groups of devices connected to your network to be partitioned into separate networks. For example, your AV and smart devices will connect to a different network than your work laptop. This provides an added layer of network security. Your critical work devices live on a different network from your IoT devices, which are much more vulnerable to attack. This ensures that when there is a breach, the damage can be contained to one part of your network, not your entire system. 

An improperly configured IoT device can be hacked in as little as five minutes, according to NETSCOUT’s Threat Intelligence Report.

So, how do we help protect you and your family from cyber threats?

Well-built networks

If you’re working from home, handling sensitive data, or have smart devices, odds are a consumer-grade network just isn’t going to cut it. 

An enterprise-grade network is going to include protective firewalls, maximum coverage, and the ability to segment the network so your work computer sits in a different part of the network than your doorbell.

For this level of security, you need an enterprise-level network built with the best security devices by companies like Cisco and Sophos. In fact, we’re the only Boston home automation company that is Cisco and Sophos-certified.

Support software and 24/7 monitoring

Our President Michael Oh, founded ‘Tech Superpowers‘ 30 years ago and we’ve been providing IT services and cybersecurity for 30+ years, helping some of the world’s top organizations stay secure.

The same network protections and cybersecurity practices we bring to organization’s like the Boston Celtics are being brought to your home. 

That means 24/7 monitoring, a robust support stack of software, and regularly scheduled security updates.

Gameplans and training

Even the best defenses aren’t completely impenetrable. A lot comes down to the individual and their ability to recognize and act on attempted phishing scams. 

That’s where gameplans and training come in. We’re here to teach you what to look for and how to avoid falling prey to even the most intricate of scams. We provide this training in collaboration with Knowbe4, a market leader in cybersecurity training.

For some of our clients with high-risk profiles, we also develop cyberattack playbooks, so there is a plan in place if you do fall victim to a cyber attack.

Here are some simple tips you can do to help keep you and your family safe:

home cybersecurity tips

The right equipment.

Even though your ISP (internet service provider) can provide the networking equipment you need to get online, a consumer-grade router just isn’t going to provide you with the security or coverage you need for your home. This doesn’t always mean you have to break the bank. Meraki has affordable options such as the Meraki Go line, perfect for smaller residential settings.


We have been working with Cisco Meraki for over 18 years – back to Meraki’s MIT roots. It’s the leader in cloud-managed networks and infrastructure cybersecurity, and we’re the only home automation company in Boston that installs Cisco as its first choice. That’s because Cisco Meraki equipment is enterprise-class, requiring training and certification in network design and cybersecurity to install it. And since networking and cybersecurity are in our DNA, we’re the Cisco Meraki experts in Boston. 


Not only is Meraki backed by enterprise security heavyweight Cisco, but it’s also used by some of the most cyber secure organizations in the world, including the Boston Celtics, Accel, and MIT. We install only the best network protection for our customers, ensuring their digital security is as safe as their physical security.

your home network needs to be robust and safe

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