Great music connects us all. Across generations, distance, and cultures, we all share a love and enjoyment of listening to music, especially at home.

The fundamental speaker technologies haven’t changed in decades, but how they look has come a long way in recent years. Speakers can be anything from minimal to completely invisible to the eye, which means you can hear music without telling where it’s coming from.

So how does ‘whole home audio’ work?

And what is the benefit of many smaller integrated speakers compared to a couple of smart speakers on the shelf? Sonance explains why a well-designed architectural audio experience elevates anything you listen to.

The benefits of residential AV

Entertain guests

Whether you’re getting ready for a date night or a lively party, you can rest easy knowing your home is prepared to entertain in any situation. Thanks to whole-home audio solutions from Savant and Sonos, you can play the same playlist in every room or break your home into designated zones for different music in different spaces.

Tuned in

Gone are the days of bringing a portable speaker when you go outside to garden or relax by the pool. Today’s whole home audio solutions extend beyond the interior of your home. Climate-resistant and weather-proof speakers keep you tuned into your daily music wherever you are on your property.

Seamless experiences

No matter how unique your space is, we can help you find the solution that sounds and looks the best and integrates seamlessly with the rest of your smart home system. That means no more fumbling over a half-dozen remotes to find the volume control and no more complicated processes to follow just to watch TV. You get one seamless and simple experience.

Whole Home Audio
Control your audioOutdoorsKitchenBedroomLiving RoomHome Office

Control your audio

Whether it's your smartphone or a voice control unit, whole home audio puts the power in your hands to control the audio in your entire home at once or choose certain rooms (or zones) to play your favorite tunes.


Just because you're outdoors doesn't mean you can't have audio. Outdoor speakers are weatherproof and designed to cut through competing noises from the wind or other common interferences. Whole home audio keeps you connected, even when outdoors.


Whether hosting guests or cooking dinner, whole home audio keeps you connected to your favorite music, podcast, or radio station. The kitchen is the perfect place to strategically place hidden speakers so they don't distract from the main purpose of the room.


Your bedroom should be your palace of relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you prefer soundscapes to help you fall asleep, or the news as you wake up each morning, whole home audio keeps your routine easy and consistent.

Living Room

Just because your speakers are connected to your television doesn't mean they can't be used for music or entertaining. Whole home audio connects your entire home's speakers, even the ones used in a media room or home theater.

Home Office

With more of us working from home on a consistent basis, the home office is one place to not skimp on good audio. Whether you're going with a simple soundbar or a more robust system with architectural speakers, whole home audio keeps your office connected to the rest of your home.

Whole home audio

Whole home audio allows you to spread speakers around your whole home and receive the same sound throughout, or sound from music throughout the basement and sound from the TV in the living room and kitchen. With Sonos or Savant Music, you can set designated zones throughout your home to play audio in multiple rooms at once, or control your outdoor audio from inside your home. 

Thanks to a wide variety of speaker options from our partners Leon Speakers, Amina, Artcoustic, and more, we have the ability to integrate speakers into your home that not only sound good, but are design-led, discreet, or entirely invisible depending on your style. The best part? No matter what speakers you choose, we can integrate them into your smart home so you can control them from any room, at any time.

Audio control systems

Take your audio experience to the next level with the right audio control system. Whether you want to search for content, music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks, it’s all available in these easy-to-use apps. Save your playlists, favorites, and preferred streaming services to the music dashboard for quick recall. Get the party going in an instant.


One of the more user-friendly options on the market, Sonos is the easiest way to connect the speakers in your home and requires no wiring or advanced installation. While we’re all familiar with the standalone Sonos speakers, many aren’t aware that Sonos can be used with fully integrated speakers and even invisible ones. Sonos is the perfect option for those wanting a whole home audio solution that doesn’t require advanced programming or integration with a more extensive system.

Savant Music

For those with larger smart home systems who want all their solutions to fall under one umbrella, Savant Music is the answer. Savant Music is built to integrate with just about any third-party smart home solution and Savant’s full line of products, from lighting and climate control to power and security. Whereas Sonos is easy to install, Savant requires advanced programming and should only be installed by a professional integrator or AV specialist. But what you get is a music experience that is customized for your home and your lifestyle and integrated into your other smart home systems.

Types of speakers

Invisible speakers

Also known as hidden speakers, invisible speakers are a more recent innovation in home audio technology that has become more and more popular as the technology has progressed – for good reason. Just take a look at how they work below.

Invisible speakers are designed to be installed inside walls or ceilings, and unlike traditional speakers, they do not require visible grilles or cabinets, which makes them an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy high-quality audio without sacrificing an ultra-clean look. Invisible speakers like those by Amina use a combination of small drivers and innovative materials to produce a clear, detailed sound with zero visible elements.

Architectural speakers

Architectural speakers are a type of speaker designed to be integrated directly into the architecture of a building. They can deliver superior sound quality while remaining unobtrusive, which makes them an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy high-quality audio without compromising on the look and feel of their space.

Typically installed into walls or ceilings and are concealed behind grilles or covers that blend seamlessly with the surrounding surfaces, architectural speakers can be custom-designed to match the decor and layout of the room. While they do require a small amount of cutting to install, they are less disruptive to install than invisible speakers.

Exposed speakers

When you think of speakers, your mind probably goes to an image of an exposed or freestanding speaker. They’re the most common style of speaker. But just because they’re the most common, doesn’t mean they’re not the most stylish. Today, companies like Artcoustic and Leon are making design-led speakers that enhance a room’s design, not just blend into it. These speakers are built to make a statement. Exposed speakers aren’t just stylish, they deliver a powerful, assertive sound that stands out as much as their design does.

Additionally, as exposed speakers aren’t built into walls or designed to be hidden, they’re the easiest to install and most approachable for those beginning their AV journey.

How Invisible is the Invisible Speaker?

Installed behind plaster in ceilings and walls, Amina speakers harness natural vibrations and a surface’s natural ability to resonate sound, like acoustic string instruments (violins, guitars), to fill your space with sound. We also work with Sonance’s extensive range of speakers, they also offer an invisible speaker option. While it’s impossible to show these speakers once installed (we’re not kidding, they’re completely invisible!), here are some great videos demonstrating how their speakers work and why they’re renowned worldwide for their impeccable combination of clean aesthetic and great sound quality.

Outdoor AV

When people think of residential AV, they think of music inside their home or cozying up indoors to watch a movie. But your outdoor spaces can be connected to your smart home system like never before, thanks to robust, weather-proof solutions. Whether it’s a rooftop city garden where you want to watch the Patriots play with friends or a sprawling lakefront property where you want to listen to music no matter where you are, weather-proofed AV solutions exist to connect your outdoors to your whole smart home system. 

Some of our favourite brands.

Coastal Source

Good outdoor speakers should be heard, not seen. That’s the goal Coastal Source knocks out of the park with their outdoor line of speakers. Meant to blend in on any rooftop garden, patio, or lakeside dock, Coastal Source outdoor speakers deliver crystal-clear audio, all hidden among plants and foliage. Homeowners can pair their Coastal Source speakers with an underground subwoofer for a more robust sound that ensures no drop in audio quality from indoors to outdoors.

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Good outdoor speakers should be heard, not seen. That’s the goal Sonance knocks out of the park with their outdoor line of speakers. Meant to blend in on any rooftop garden, patio, or lakeside dock, Sonance outdoor speakers deliver crystal-clear audio, all while hidden out of sight among plants and foliage. Homeowners can pair their Sonance speakers with an underground subwoofer for a more robust sound that ensures there is no drop in audio quality from indoors to outdoors.

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Leon’s Terra outdoor audio

With their American-made speakers, Leon is a leader in design integrated audio solutions, and their Terra line of outdoor audio speakers is no different. With speakers that can be installed in outdoor ceilings, surface mounted, or hidden in landscaping, Terra’s solutions can be integrated throughout an outdoor patio and planting to provide even sound no matter where you roam in your yard. Their Luminsound speakers can even have integrated lighting to help light the way in the dark.

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Unique spaces

Indoor pools, tennis courts, golf simulators, and even bowling alleys. We’ve brought AV solutions to some pretty unique spaces. Below are some of our favorites in recent years. If you’ve got a unique space in your home that you want to bring the AV experience to, we’d love to chat. Contact us today, and we can start designing your AV system.

Galactic Getaway

Winner of two BRAGB PRISM Awards and a CE Pro HOTY Award, this project in rural New England impresses in every corner. Featuring an indoor bowling alley, pool, and and paddle tennis courts, our solutions included Amina invisible speakers, Lubell underwater speakers, a Revel subwoofer under the tennis court, Ketra lighting, and much more, all working in perfect harmony. The result is a unique application of home automation technology that is fun for everyone using it.

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Golfer’s Paradise

A collaboration between our Icelandic team, Nordic Smart Spaces and TSP Smart Spaces, this 2,100-square-foot garage transformed into more than just a place to store cars. The owner of this space is an avid golfer, even in Iceland’s frigid winter, and an immersive golf simulator was installed into this garage, complete with TDG surround sound speakers and an Arcam receiver, all acoustically tuned with Dirac. One of the most significant benefits to smart home technology is its adaptability, and this space shows that off perfectly. At a touch of a button, the lighting dims, and the projector shifts to cinema mode, allowing the whole family to enjoy a movie night together.

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Residential AV FAQs

  • Which type of speakers sound the best?

    There was a time when freestanding speakers outperformed architectural and invisible speakers, but today each type of speaker can deliver high quality sound that even the biggest audiophiles can appreciate. The choice between freestanding, architectural, and invisible speakers really comes down to aesthetics and whether you want your speakers hidden away from plain sight, or if they are meant to be seen as well as heard. Working with a smart home integrator or AV expert like TSP Smart Spaces can help you decide what solutions are best for you and your lifestyle. 

  • Do I need a receiver?

    Your receiver is the core of your audio system. It’s what receives your audio signals from the source (Spotify, Apple Music, CD, etc.) and distributes them to your speakers. The receiver is the hub of everything you’re connecting, so choosing the right receiver is crucial to your audio system. You won’t need a receiver if your home uses a simple Sonos system. But if you have a dedicated media room, subwoofers, or a private cinema, a receiver becomes a required part of your setup. 

  • What speakers are best for outdoor use?

    Many speaker companies carry a line of outdoor speakers, built to weather the most extreme climates and project clearly over natural outside noises. One of our go-to solutions at TSP Smart Spaces is Revel’s Extreme Climate series. While Revel does make solutions for in-ceiling and architectural audio, we’ve found that Revel shines best with their Extreme Climate series of subwoofers and speakers. We used this solution in our Galactic Getaway project, installing subwoofers directly into a paddle tennis court. Even if you don’t have a tennis court on your property, outdoor speakers are perfect for patios, poolside, or on a rooftop garden. 

  • What audio system is best for my home?

    At TSP Smart Spaces, we primarily work with two audio systems: Sonos and Savant. Your audio system is what lets you stream from your favorite music service (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal) to your home’s speakers. If your home doesn’t utilize other smart features like lighting and security, Sonos is probably your best choice. Sonos is very user-friendly and flexible, and is one of the few solutions for whole home audio that doesn’t require a professionally set-up AoIP (audio over IP) system. If you have a larger smart home system that you want to build your audio system into, Savant is your answer. Savant’s audio system distributes high-quality audio over ethernet and is meant to scale from a few rooms to an entire home. Professionally installed, a Savant system integrates seamlessly with your other smart home technologies in your home.

  • My home already has speakers. Can you integrate them with other smart home solutions?

    Most likely, yes. If you have speakers already installed in your home and you’re happy with the sound quality, we can work with you to integrate them into your larger smart home system. One of the biggest advantages to a Savant Music system is that it works with a large variety of speaker solutions, so you can have one brand of speakers in your home office, and an entirely different solution in your bedroom. 

  • What about home theaters?

    This is a complicated enough question we have a whole page dedicated to our private cinema solutions. From projector screens to surround sound, a lot goes into designing and installing a home theater system. But the investment is well worth it, as it brings the immersive experience of a commercial movie theater into an intimate setting in your home. If you’d like to see how a home theater system performs in person, schedule a tour of our Experience Lab, our home in SoWa that features a private cinema, the only JBL-certified theater in the New England area!