Throughout your journey, we are your personal guides.

At TSP Smart Spaces, it’s your experience that’s important to us. Whether that is your home’s smart space automation or your business’s conference room AV. We have decades of industry knowledge, and focus on transforming technology from a utility to an experience. We feature a diverse team of specialists based in Boston MA and a long-standing commitment to design-informed home technology solutions.

By working with discerning, field-tested brands known for delivering unique technology experiences, we achieve simplicity, reliability, and most importantly, a flawless user experience. Our customers place their trust in us to lead them through their smart home automation journey because of our commitment to design-led thinking, attention to detail, and smart home support

  • Michael Oh

    Michael Oh


    The founder of TSP Smart Spaces, Michael strives to make the complex simple - whether it’s creating efficiency in your business or bringing smart home integration into your home. His expertise in understanding complex systems stems from both his MIT Aerospace Engineering degree and raising twin daughters. Mike believes our lives are infinitely improved through technology at work and home and finds passion in the topics of smart homes, cyber security, and drones!

  • Aaron Stallings

    Aaron Stallings

    Director of Smart Spaces

    Aaron describes his smart space design aesthetic as graceful and precise. Having studied interior design and architecture, Aaron brings a comprehensive understanding of space and structure to his role as our Director of Smart Spaces. At TSP, Aaron is using technology and home automation to make the most of light and space in residential and commercial properties to bring unique technology experiences to every project. He’d prefer to describe it as “The Jetsons, but for real and for now,” though.

  • Adam Fisk

    Adam Fisk

    Director of IT Services

    Officially, Adam’s role as Director of IT Services is to ensure that our (and our clients’) systems are running as required. Unofficially, Adam keeps us grounded in the real world and what’s going on in it. With a focus on process documentation, disaster recovery workflows, and business continuity plans, Adam prepares us for anything that could go wrong and ensures we're well-equipped to meet any problem head-on.

  • Chase Rowe

    Chase Rowe

    Design Engineer

    With over 15 years of professional experience, Chase comes to TSP with a passion for architecture and design-led thinking. “A house is a machine for living.” This quote from Le Corbusier embodies the spirit of Chase’s goal for every project, to make the objective of “living” easier. Outside of TSP, he is working on building a 1980 Yamaha motorcycle entirely from scratch.

  • Andy Gandini

    Andy Gandini

    Sr. Field Engineer

    Well-traveled with a wealth of experience, Andy has worked everywhere from Manhattan skyrises to luxury yachts in Florida. Returning to his home state of Massachusetts, Andy brings with him a passion for smart technology that dates back to his first experience with his father’s LaserDisc player and never let up from there. He specializes in AV solutions for home theaters and loves bringing cinematic experiences to life in residential homes. Andy’s interests are as diverse as his background from working on cars and playing ultimate frisbee, to his love of heavy metal music.

  • Adonis Shepherd

    Adonis Shepherd

    Build Technician

    Adonis comes to TSP with over seven years of AV and Lutron programming experience and has already been thrown into the deep end of many of our high profile projects. Highly detail-oriented and determined to learn, Adonis has quickly become a key member of our smart home build team. When not at work, Adonis can be found watching premiere league soccer, gaming, or spending time with his son, family, and friends.

  • Hector Lopez

    Hector Lopez

    Account Manager

    Hector joins the TSP Smart Spaces team as our Account Manager, ensuring our projects move forward and every client has the best possible smart home experience. Growing up, he was blown away by the futuristic technology seen in the Back to the Future films, especially the smart home scenes in the second film, and he hopes to recreate this feeling and excitement for every client he works with. When not at work, you can find Hector attending live concerts throughout Boston, riding his motorcycle around town, or trying out any new restaurant that just opened.

  • Chris Feterowski

    Chris Feterowski

    Logistics Manager & Commercial AV Designer

    Captivated by the ever-evolving field of smart spaces, Chris finds passion in exploring and analyzing the cutting edge technology seen in smart homes, especially in the aural realm. He comes to TSP Smart Spaces with a diverse range of skills having worked as an audio engineer and technician for live concerts, social events, and corporate showcases.

  • Andy Fontneau

    Andy Fontneau

    Build Technician

    Andy comes to TSP Smart Spaces with 17 years of experience in the home automation industry. From designing custom home theaters to programming Savant and Lutron, Andy has had a hand in quite a few areas of home automation. At TSP, you can find him in the field, building out and programming our residential and commercial systems onsite. Outside of work, Andy loves hiking and spending time in nature with his daughter and puppy.

  • Derek Kelly

    Derek Kelly

    Build Technician

    Derek Kelly brings a wealth of diverse experience to TSP Smart Spaces, having previously held positions at renowned tech giants such as Dell, Amazon, and Google. As a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, Derek has been deeply involved with consumer-grade smart home solutions for an extended period. He's excited about the opportunity to work with some of the most advanced home technology available, likening it to a well-deserved call-up to the major league team after honing his skills in the minors.
    When he takes a break from the world of smart home technology, Derek is an avid boatsman, a dedicated concert-goer, and has proudly captained his APA Billiards team for an impressive 16 years.

  • Kelly Ford

    Kelly Ford

    Director of Project Management

    Project management is among the most crucial parts of any smart home project and, with Kelly leading the way, we believe it’s one of our biggest strengths. Not only is she the driving force keeping our team and projects on task and budget, she is a very accomplished author and brings a high level of creativity from her writing to every project she oversees.

  • Kyle Frazier

    Kyle Frazier

    Project Manager

    With over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential projects, Kyle Frazier thrives as our Project Manager, relishing the logistical challenges and demands of coordinating complex technology projects. Holding certifications from both Savant and Lutron he brings a level of expertise to his project management that keeps him hands-on and tuned in to each project he leads. Beyond his professional expertise spanning residential automation, commercial AV, and mobile/marine AV, Kyle is an avid woodworker and cherishes his time with his wife and two kids. He especially enjoys introducing the video games and toys of his childhood to his own children.

  • Kjerstin (KJ) Oh

    Kjerstin (KJ) Oh

    Marketing Director

    In a team full of technical perspectives, Kjerstin brings a breath of creative flair. With extensive experience as a Senior Designer and Art Director in London- and Boston-based creative agencies, Kjerstin deftly takes the seeds of TSP Smart Spaces’ ideas and develops them into cohesive and award-winning client and internal collateral. When she’s not nurturing our brand, Kjerstin tends to her twins and her vegetable allotment.

  • S. Rhiannon Hayes

    S. Rhiannon Hayes

    Director of Business Development

    Rhiannon represents TSP in the Boston market and enjoys building relationships with the design community, real estate developers and general contractors. For her, partnerships are the key to making business successful and enjoyable. For Rhiannon, smart home automation is about customizing the experiences where we live, work, and play; ultimately making technology seamless in our lives. In her free time, Rhiannon enjoys many hobbies from European automobiles and golfing to exploring her "backyard" of Boston with her canine companion.

  • Nathan Smith

    Nathan Smith

    Sales Operations Manager

    As the Sales Operations Manager at TSP Smart Spaces, Nathan is pivotal in driving the company's business development process. With his process-driven approach, he seamlessly guides customers from their initial contact to when they become valued clients. Alongside his sales ops responsibilities, Nathan is an integral part of the marketing team, crafting compelling blogs and content, ensuring TSP's voice consistently resonates with its audience. Beyond his professional endeavors, Nathan pursues his passions for music, photography, reading, and exploration. He showcases his musical talent by playing the violin in various community orchestras, while his love for photography and reading fuels his insatiable curiosity about the world around him.

  • Amy Clark

    Amy Clark

    Office Manager

    Office Manager may be her official role, but that only begins to describe all that Amy brings to TSP Smart Spaces. She is responsible for many crucial operations, from logistics and procurement to photography and video production. Having developed her photography and video skills by capturing local independent bands and artists, Amy brings this expertise to TSP to capture the unique technology experiences home automation brings to its users.

  • Jane Li

    Jane Li

    Accounting Manager

    As an accounting manager for TSP, Jane helps with the day-to-day financial tasks of client billing and managing vendor accounts. She holds a master’s degree in accounting from California State University in San Bernardino and is excited to bring her skills to the IT industry given its usefulness not just in the workplace, but in everyday life. Outside of work, Jane is an avid dancer, especially proficient in the style of international Latin!

A smart home is only as good as the sum of its parts.

Visual, audio, lighting, climate control, and security come together to form an integrated home that meets your needs, providing a personalized experience at the touch of a button. Each of our technology partners provides innovative technology and has a history of well-designed, reliable solutions. We are proud to work with the most reputable companies in the industry including Lutron, Savant Home Automation, Ketra, Cisco, Amazon Alexa, and more. Read more about what we do in our smart home blog.

TSP Smart Spaces logo

Smart Space technology solutions from TSP combine decades of experience of home and commercial automation with deep interior design acumen and cutting-edge maintenance and support for smart home integration.

Key Services

  • Collaborative design & buildouts
  • Long-term support & maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Custom temperature, lighting, and moods
  • Workspace optimization
  • Audio/visual infrastructure
  • Low-voltage wiring

TSP Smart Spaces
[email protected]
+1 617 267 3030

Tech Superpowers

Technology is a crucial part of any business, and if it’s not working, business suffers. We aid smooth growth and day-to-day friction-free, secure work environments for our clients.

Key Services

  • Managed IT services
  • Cybersecurity
  • On/off boarding
  • Special projects
  • Compliance
  • Technology strategy
  • PC and Mac IT Support

TSP IT Services
[email protected]
+1 617 267 9716

Nordic Smart Spaces logo

The Iceland-based arm of TSP’s Smart Space unit, Nordic Smart Spaces shares our commitment to superior experience, intuitive design, and absolute reliability in Iceland and beyond.

Key Services

  • Collaborative design & buildouts
  • Long-term support & maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Custom temperature, lighting, and moods
  • Workspace optimization
  • Audio/visual infrastructure
  • Commercial property development

Nordic Smart Spaces
[email protected]
+354 4979701​​​​

Your Questions.

  • I’d like to work for TSP. Do you have any job openings?

    TSP Smart Spaces is always looking for passionate and dedicated people to join our team. If you are interested in smart home automation and creating unique technology experiences for a diverse field of clients, please visit our career page or email your resume and cover letter to [email protected].

  • How do you make your home a smart home?

    A smart home is more than just installing smart lighting, thermostats, and televisions. A smart home is the integration of all of these devices and more, brought together into a seamless ecosystem. Every connected device in your home from lighting and shades to climate control and security are brought under a single control system that provides you with unparalleled convenience and endless possibilities. 

  • What is the best smart home system?

    The best smart home system is one that fits your lifestyle and specific needs. Each smart home system comes with various features and benefits. The best smart home system for you might not be the same one for another. At TSP Smart Spaces we have been designing and building smart homes for well over a decade. Our wealth of experience and close partnership with leading home automation companies has given us insight and expertise on which smart home solutions will best fit your home. Get in touch with one of our smart technology experts today to begin your smart home journey the right way.

  • How do you protect your smart home from hackers?

    Any time a device from your smart home connects to the internet, there is an inherent risk of a cyber attack occurring. By installing and integrating your smart technology and home network correctly, you can reduce these risks and better protect your personal data. By partnering with TSP Smart Spaces for your smart home support services, you can ensure your home network and devices are set up to protect your data. Our award-winning support services are backed by decades of IT experience. Read more in our home cyber security blog post.

What our clients say.

  • “We have worked with TSP on multiple projects and each interaction has been nothing but pleasant. They are experts in their craft and it shows in the quality of their work. Always a pleasure to work with their crew!”

    Jamie D. / Boston MA

  • “TSP Smart Spaces has delivered on every request - every detail considered so that my smart home feels like it's part of my daily life. They can make changes remotely and even answer my IT questions. It's great to have their team to help me with my tech every step of the way.”

    Bjorg B. / Boston MA