An experience you can control.

From new commercial and residential buildings, to conference room AV and communication hubs, all the way to your own home, home technology solutions delivers a wide range of possibilities. Most importantly, allowing you to free up your time and focus on what’s really important. Smart technology reduces the hassle of everyday life and brings a new level of personalization and sophistication to your space. TSP Smart Spaces is a leader in the smart space revolution and works with industry-leading brands such as Savant Home Automation and Lutron who share our vision of bringing smart technology and its endless possibilities to the world with smart home automation.

What our clients say.

  • “TSP is great! The entire staff is knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to work with. They are "best in class" all around.”

    Terry R. / Boston MA

  • “At first, we didn’t know what we were going to do with the space. Once we finally settled on something and had the architect do some drawings, it became clear that TSP was the best fit for this project.”

    Skuggi Garage Project / Rekjavik, Iceland (Second home)

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