Unlock your meeting room’s potential.

Turn your meeting room into an effective communication hub. Our conference room AV solutions provide high-resolution imaging, crystal-clear audio, multi-user screen-sharing, and more. They are designed to integrate with and improve platforms like Zoom and Skype for Business – even Google Hangouts and FaceTime – which means a seamless technology experience where nothing gets lost in translation. Learn more about the essential parts of conference room technology and what makes a successful space. 

Lighting & shading

Lighting and shade control is an often overlooked, yet important aspect of any conference room. With modern offices featuring plenty of glass, it can often be hard to show a presentation if the sun isn’t properly blocked. Our lighting and shade solutions open your conference room to unlimited possibilities for any situation, leaving you to focus without distraction on what’s most important, your work with clients and teammates. Working with industry innovators such as Ketra, Lutron, and Savant Home Automation, we integrate only the best ensuring your technology stands the test of time.

Speakers & microphones

Whether you’re negotiating a contract or pitching a project, you should never have to contend with background noise, echoes, and static. We deploy tactical microphones and high-quality speakers to ensure precise communication between you, your team, and your clients. When you and your team speak, you’ll know you’re coming through loud and clear on the speakers. When you and your team listen, you’re not missing anything.


Does noise reverberate everywhere in your conference room? Do neighboring offices complain about the excess noise? By deploying sound barriers, sound masking, acoustic absorbing/diffusing tiles, and more, we make sure that your conference room is acoustically enhanced. Our team includes professional audio engineers that specialize in optimizing sound. Our solutions ensure your space is acoustically sound and adds to your building’s aesthetics.

Conference room AV FAQs

  • What is the best video conference camera for large room?

    TSP Smart Spaces has found two conference cameras that work best for large rooms. The first of these is the Jabra PanaCast. This 180-degree camera is designed to pick up the visuals for an entire room and is designed with auto-tracking features. When someone starts speaking in a quiet room, that camera will automatically zoom to them. The second camera we often install in our conference room projects is the Logitech Rally camera. More high-profile than the PanaCast, the Rally camera is meant to be mounted under a TV screen and features an Ultra-HD imaging system and automatic framing to fit rooms of all shapes and sizes. If you’re unsure which camera is best for your conference room, contact TSP Smart Spaces and we’ll guide you through your conference room AV project design.

  • What is the best conference room microphone?

    The best conference room microphone depends on the needs of the space you’re using. Size, room acoustics, the number of speakers, and budget all factor into which microphone fits best for your situation. TSP Smart Spaces integrates microphones from Shure, Biamp, and other leading brands to provide crystal-clear communication. Each brand produces different styles of microphones as well such as gooseneck microphones (commonly used for podiums and static speakers), in-ceiling microphones (perfect for team meetings), and pendant microphones (built with beam technology to track the room’s active speaker).

  • What is the best microphone for a large conference room?

    A large conference room often features high ceilings that create a lot of extra space. This extra space can cause problems for pendant-style microphones and in-ceiling microphones due to the reflections and feedback caused by the extra open air above the speakers. In a large conference room, we recommend gooseneck, lapel, or PZM microphones (commonly called boundary microphones). The goal is to keep the microphone close to the speaker to ensure excess noise is not captured.

  • What is the best conference room ceiling microphone?

    TSP Smart Spaces uses microphones from leading brands such as Shure and Biamp. In our own conference room as well as our conference room AV project Maximum Minimalism, we installed a Shure ceiling array microphone, perfectly blended into the room’s ceiling tiles for whole room communication in a discreet design. 

  • How to set up a video conference room?

    When beginning to design your conference room and the AV needed to ensure crystal-clear communication, there are numerous items you need to determine. The first is the acoustics of a room. Everything from size and shape to the materials of the table and chairs play a role in how sound travels. Second, you will need to determine how many people will be using the room at any given time, and for what purpose. Conference rooms used for large team meetings with plenty of group collaboration require different microphones and speakers than a room used for presentations or video conferencing. Finally, your budget plays a role in whether or not you can afford to invest in advanced features like beam focusing (microphones that follow the speaker) or 4k cameras. Smart lighting and shade control can also play a role in your conference room experience, optimizing your room for peak performance and comfortability.

    TSP Smart Spaces has experts that specialize in acoustic consulting, AV integration, and smart technology so you can rest easy knowing your team’s communication is in good hands. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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What our clients say.

  • "TSP has been terrific in helping design the AV integration for our meeting rooms and public spaces in our London office. Their attention to detail has resulted in a very easy to use AV system and has maximised our investment in AV technology."

    Rogier B. / London UK

  • “We have worked with TSP on multiple projects and each interaction has been nothing but pleasant. They are experts in their craft and it shows in the quality of their work. Always a pleasure to work with their crew!”

    Jamie D. / Boston MA