Redefining property development with smart building solutions

From new office buildings to bustling retail establishments, the future of commercial property development involves technology at every stage.

In order to cater to the diverse lifestyles and requirements of a broad clientele, commercial real estate developers need to push the boundaries of functionality and design in their buildings. Through the integration of robust networks, state-of-the-art audio-visual capabilities, and smart space controls seamlessly woven throughout entire buildings, developers can guarantee an unparalleled experience for their tenants, boosting the appeal and value of their properties.


At TSP Smart Spaces, we pride ourselves on bringing this functionality and design to our clients and partners. Our wealth of real-world experience spans from the innovative technology hub at 10 World Trade to full-scale buildouts like the new headquarters for EBN. Rather than merely installing smart technology, our team is dedicated to streamlining system complexity, reducing costs, and presenting a wide variety of options to meet the varied needs of all building users. Collaborating closely with developers, architects, and designers, we ensure that our systems align seamlessly with their vision, both in terms of functionality and design.


Our solutions seamlessly cater to a broad spectrum of spaces, effortlessly adapting from modest office spaces to expansive commercial buildings. Through strategic partnerships with trusted firms, we are equipped to undertake projects of any size.

While consumer-grade products may find their place in smaller workplaces, our solutions go beyond simple integration. We configure hundreds of products at the same time, bringing them into coherent groups and interlinking them. While this might sound complex, our goal is always to deliver a solution that is easy to use.


Every space we design is unique, due to the variety in client needs and lifestyles. Acknowledging this diversity, we present tailor-made solutions for each project. This high degree of customization extends across all our projects, providing developers with the flexibility required to cater to the distinct preferences of every client or tenant.

For some this means full building-wide AV buildouts, for others, this means less expansive solutions for specific rooms. No matter the solutions, we apply the same process-driven design and implementation to every project.


Every facet of incorporating technology into your building, including infrastructure and physical considerations, is meticulously addressed at every stage. By proactively factoring in smart features and technology during the initial design phases, decisions regarding installation locations, wiring, and future-proofing can be executed more seamlessly and efficiently.

Technology isn’t just a luxury but a necessity in today’s buildings, engaging with TSP from the outset of the design process is cost-effective and saves you time and labor over the entire construction project.

Collaboration and partnership

Collaboration and partnerships between commercial real estate developers and agents and technology integration companies represent a dynamic team effort that helps transform traditional spaces into cutting-edge, technologically advanced commercial environments.

By teaming up with integration experts like TSP Smart Spaces, developers can seamlessly incorporate state-of-the-art technologies, such as digital signage, commercial AV solutions, and intelligent security features, into their projects. This collaboration not only enhances the appeal of properties but also caters to the growing demand for connected and convenient office experiences. 


We’re proud of our partnerships with some of the best in the Boston Build/Design community, and our best projects have come as the result of collaboration and teamwork. We bring specialized expertise to the table, ensuring that the technology brought to each building meets the standards and design narratives of the developer at every step of the way. The result is a win-win scenario, where developers differentiate their projects in a competitive market, and we bring smart home technology to tenants to make their lives easier and more seamless. 

  • "TSP was very effective at collaborating closely with a multidisciplinary design team to achieve a forward thinking AV and Low Voltage design approach that is a value-add to the overall development”

    Boston Global Investors / Boston MA

  • “We initially thought of bringing in TSP to assist with our systems integration towards the end of the project, however we quickly realized the benefits of having TSP lead the AV and Low Voltage through the design, budgeting and buy-out process.”

    10 World Trade / Boston MA

WiredScore and SmartScore

Digital connectivity is one of the most important factors in not only bringing new tenants into your space but also retaining them once they’ve moved in. But how do you instill confidence with prospective tenants that your building offers them all the digital infrastructure they need to live or work seamlessly and without interruption? This is where WiredScore and SmartScore come in. Both WiredScore and SmartScore are standard frameworks that assess a building’s technology capabilities, networking, and user experience. Having either certification proves that you, as a landlord and developer, put the experience of your tenants first. 

Some of our commercial projects

We’ve been a part of many commercial projects over the years, from major buildouts like the new building at 10 World Trade to smaller buildouts for individual rooms. While there are too many project to list all of them, here are a few we’ve done that stand out!

10 World Trade

We brought our expertise in WiredScore and SmartScore to the development of 10 World Trade, a new commercial space in Boston’s Seaport. Positioned as a groundbreaking space in a blossoming neighborhood, 10 World Trade will bring smart technology, superior tenant experience, and digital connectivity to all who lease a space. The entire building is an interconnected and intelligent space. This includes water and air quality sensors behind the scenes, and tenants can use their phone to book fitness classes or call an elevator. On top of this, 10 World Trade boasts a reliable and robust 10-gigabit fiber network, featuring public and private WiFi, core networks for Building Management Systems (BMS), audio and video routing, and enough bandwidth to keep the entire building and its tenants working with no down time. Notably, 10 World has achieved the prestigious SmartScore Platinum pre-certification, a distinction held by only 69 buildings worldwide. 

Wonder Wall

Modern offices are designed to maximize productivity and bolster collaboration at every level. But how do you stay at peak performance and collaboration when your office is just one of dozens across the globe? This is the challenge we faced when designing the AV and collaboration technology at this travel-company’s headquarters in Cambridge, MA. At the heart of the office we designed and installed an immersive LED video wall in an open-concept theater that serves as the base for the organization’s weekly ‘town hall’ meetings. These meetings are designed to bring thousands of employees together, both local and across the globe, so the audio and video needed to be crystal clear and always work. For this we turned to Planar to build our 191” video wall across 49 panels, all controlled through the intuitive Savant Pro App or touchscreen. This, coupled with Amina invisible speakers, a Biamp processor, and a Shure wireless microphone system made for a sleek system that connects seamlessly across 26 international locations.

Some of our commercial services

There’s a lot that goes into commercial building technology. From commercial AV and digital signage, to networking and security, to lighting and shades, today’s commercial buildings need comprehensive technology to operate at peak efficiency and create the best experiences for tenants and guests alike. Here are some of the solutions and services we provide commercial buildings.


Today’s commercial and multi-unit residential spaces need to be equipped with the latest and greatest in internet technology, especially given how steel and concrete interfere with wireless connections. That means you need high-speed internet, secure connections, and a robust enough network to handle hundreds (if not thousands) of devices all intricately segregated onto meticulously designed VLANs. It’s not enough to simply sign up with your local ISP and rely on consumer-grade equipment. Your tenants need the best to keep them connected with no interruption, whether that’s in a working office space, or their own penthouse apartment. 


Commercial AV technology serves as an integral component, merging functionality with aesthetics to enhance communication, productivity, and overall experience. From boardrooms conducting high-stakes meetings to bustling retail environments captivating customers, these spaces leverage AV systems for dynamic presentations, immersive digital signage, crystal-clear sound, and seamless video conferencing. Whether it’s deploying state-of-the-art conference room solutions or integrating sophisticated smart control systems, these AV solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each environment.

Digital signage

Digital signage is a dynamic tool designed to create captivating experiences that entertain, inform, and inspire audiences. Its versatility spans from the intimacy of small conference rooms to the grandeur of expansive commercial spaces. With the capability to construct massive video walls using a single player, digital signage amplifies the showcasing of products and services within any building while enabling centralized control of multi-screen experiences from any remote location. It represents the convergence of audiovisual, information technology, and content creation, serving as a powerful medium for education, entertainment, and communication alike.

Lighting & shades

In contemporary commercial settings, the deployment of numerous shades and an extensive array of lighting fixtures is commonplace, often surpassing thousands in number. Relying solely on manual shades and conventional light switches for managing such a vast infrastructure is impractical. Enter smart technology, placing comprehensive control over your building’s lighting directly at your fingertips. Tailored zones of control enable swift adjustments, whether it be turning off lights or closing shades in a single room, across an entire floor, or throughout the entirety of your establishment, all effortlessly managed through a user-friendly app or voice commands.


Building security encompasses a comprehensive infrastructure comprising cameras, motion sensors, and access control mechanisms, empowering you to exercise precise authority over access to various areas within your premises and during specific times. The practice of giving every individual a single key for unrestricted building entry is outdated. Instead, through intelligently designed access control, tailored permissions can be assigned based on roles, granting entry only as necessary. A robust security framework, integrated with motion sensors for detection and cameras for comprehensive monitoring, ensures constant monitoring and control.

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