Our managed smart home support packages

Here at TSP we have a Boston-based help desk which emphasizes the client experience along with solving the technical issues. Any issue that is called in is logged and given a response time target. All activities are well documented as to outcome and resolution in a central system, so we don’t have the same issues happening again and again. The results speak for themselves: our help desk has a 9.8 out of 10 satisfaction rating!

Below you’ll find our range of Smart home support packages. Choose the package that makes the most sense for your home and budget. Not sure which package is the best fit for your home? Contact us and we’ll guide you to the best fit for your needs. TSP Smart Spaces supports any system that our smart home integration team installed or certified in all of our packages, from lighting and AV to security.


Our Silver Managed Smart Home service is perfect for homes with simpler smart home systems. Our award-winning remote support team diagnoses and fixes issues quickly. Should onsite support be needed, that will be charged at a discounted rate.

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Our Gold Managed Smart Home service is perfect for larger homes with onsite response provided at no extra charge, should it be needed. We also guarantee that we’ll have a technician onsite within five days, and include onsite system check-ups twice yearly.

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Our Platinum Managed Smart Home service is perfect for a home that is fully smart! If you want the fastest response times and onsite visits included, this package is for you. We also visit your home to check up on all of the systems quarterly as well.

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Remote SupportYesYesYes
Remote ChangesYesYesYes
Software UpdatesYesYesYes
Guaranteed Onsite Response TimeNot Included3-5 Days1-2 Days
Onsite Checkup Bi-AnnualQuarterly
Monthly Cost$$$$$$


  • Remote troubleshooting

    Remote troubleshooting on any smart home technology that TSP has installed or certified. Our system designs ensure that we can fix problems 95% of the time without sending someone onsite.

  • Remote support

    Remote support for any network, WiFi, or smart home related questions. Have a question? Just email or call with your query.

  • Remote changes

    Remote changes to lighting scenes and audio video setups. With our remote access capabilities, we can do whatever you want without having to intruding on your personal space!

  • Software updates

    Your smart home systems need the latest updates to get new features and the latest cybersecurity updates. Our software updates are all done remotely.

  • Onsite check-ups

    Onsite check-ups give us a chance to check everything once over and make sure all systems are running fine.

  • Discounted hourly rate

    Discounted hourly rate of $175 per hour for new additions or onsite changes to the system.

Meet our help desk team

Enjoy peace of mind that your smart home is always up-to-date and secure with our proven aftercare services and smart home support.

Your smart home system is set up to run perfectly from the day it is installed. However, you may wish to have routine upgrades or changes made to the systems, and we’re here to help you with this. Manufacturers often offer updates to enhance features and improve performance. This is why we offer a TSP Managed Smart Home service. This is a smart home support service for TSP smart home customers who want their technology to be maintained to the highest security and reliability standards

Remote network support

The packages include remote network support, updates for your Smart Home systems, tools for cybersecurity, and our processes for proactive monitoring of your network and systems. Together, these elements ensure that your smart home is working consistently and effectively and provides a resource for all of your smart home questions. 

Did a different company install your smart home automation system? We are happy to support a smart home system that has not been installed by us. We perform a one-time-chargeable certification so we can assess your maintenance needs. In certain cases, we may recommend that works be undertaken to bring your smart home up to a satisfactory standard. Want to work for us? Check out our open job listings on our career page.

What our clients say.

  • “TSP Smart Spaces put in an easy-to-use and reliable whole home system and have wonderful aftercare support.”

    Art Deco Mansion / Boston MA

  • “TSP did an amazing job in dealing with the complexity of converting from a complicated legacy system and they were wonderful to work with. The new system is a huge improvement over what we had before.”

    Colonial-Era Home / Boston MA

Your Questions.

  • What is smart home support?

    Smart home support ensures that you have trusted experts to diagnose and fix your issues quickly and correctly anytime something stops working correctly in your smart home. Our award-winning support team specializes in remote monitoring and troubleshooting and can deploy software updates and make changes to your smart home without needing to be onsite. 

  • Why do I need support for my smart home?

    If something breaks or doesn’t work as intended in your smart home, our support team can diagnose and fix these issues, often without the need for an on-site visit. But smart home support goes beyond just fixing issues as they arise. We continually monitor your home, often identifying and resolving issues before you even realize they occur. We remotely update to the latest features and security updates for your connected devices so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is up to date and secure.

  • Can you support my smart home if you didn’t design or install it?

    Absolutely! Our integration experts have been integrating smart technology in residential homes for over a decade and can support your home no matter what system has been installed. We bring your current system design up to date with the latest features and security updates and offer improvements to your existing system.

  • Does cybersecurity matter in my smart home?

    Yes! Whenever a device connects to the internet, there is an inherent risk to your personal data and digital security. This risk has been amplified recently with the rise in remote working and learning, as well as the increase in connected devices in our homes. Our team specializes in cybersecurity and holds your smart home to the same standards we apply to our business-level clients. Unsure if your current network is protected from a cyber attack? Sign up for a smart home cybersecurity audit to ensure your home and your personal data are protected.