Popularized by the Nest Thermostat, the newest generation of smart climate control does even more. Smart thermostats by Ecobee sense when you’re in your residence to save energy when no one is around, and the Savant Multistat works with your whole home scenes to allow you to heat (or cool) your home before you arrive.

Benefits of smart climate control

Live in balance with smart thermostats that harmonize energy savings and home comfort.

  • Eco benefits

    Eco benefits

    Reduce energy usage drastically when you’re away resulting in up to 26% energy savings.
  • Remote access

    Remote access

    Control from phone, tablet, or voice. Geo fencing (?)
  • Schedules


    Set your HVAC to operate within certain temperatures during different times of the day, week, or year.
  • Security


    Some smart thermostats have sensors to detect when you’re home or away automatically.
  • Remote sensors

    Remote sensors

    Is your thermostat reading too hot or too cold? Remote sensors make sure that your get the right reading everytime.
  • Weather


    Smart thermostats know what's going on outside. You can see the weather and some adjust for outside conditions.

Energy savings

Never heat or cool an empty home

One of the biggest benefits smart thermostats provide beyond convenience is energy savings. Most smart thermostats, including the Ecobee, can reliably say they pay for themselves in about a year and lead to savings of up to 26% on heating and cooling costs, thanks to occupancy sensing and learning your daily routine. For a big home that gets plenty of extreme weather (like the Northeast in winter), this can save you more than you might think. It also reduces your home’s load on the grid, something eco-conscious homeowners are happy to hear.

Comfort & convenience

No more hot and cold spots in your home

Smart climate control bring ultimate comfort and convenience to your home by allowing you to fine-tune the temperature in every room of your home. Whether you have children who like to keep their rooms colder than others, or a sunroom that warms up enough on it’s own, you can bring precise control to every space in your home. Thanks to automations and scene control, you can forget about setting a thermostat daily and trust that your smart climate control device is keeping everything precisely as you prefer it.

So, how does a smart thermostat save energy?

Smart thermostats have occupancy sensing technology, and can be programmed to learn your daily habits. That means they can proactively heat or cool a room when you’re planning to use it, and use less energy heating and cooling it when you’re away or during times you’re in other parts of your home. The more a smart thermostat learns about your daily routine, the more it can save you money in energy costs. Finally, pairing your smart thermostat with your other smart home technologies can bring your energy savings to the next level. Shades that open on sunny days in winter to help heat your rooms rather than relying solely on your heating, or conversely, closing to keep rooms cooler on hot summer days takes your climate control to the next level.  

Smart thermostats blend into your home's design seamlessly

Integration with the rest of your smart home

With lighting

Lights can be set to turn on or off based on whether your smart thermostat detects motion in the room or not, saving you on electricity bills and saving you from having to manually turn on and off lights.

With security

An added benefit to smart thermostats is their ability to provide security insights, monitoring and alerting you to unexpected activity in your home. This motion detection can add another layer to your existing security system.

With shades/blinds

Often, the heating or cooling of homes can be assisted by controlling the amount of natural light in a room. Working in synchronicity with your smart shades/blinds, your smart thermostat can rely less on the grid to heat or cool your home.  

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The Palladiom QS room thermostat allows the addition of temperature control to your smart home. Enhanced features, such as the built-in passive infrared with XCT technology occupancy sensor and configurable modes, make this an ideal solution for saving energy.


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