The luxury of personalization.

Smart home technology should enhance your home’s design narrative, not take away from it. At the beginning of every project, we sit down with you and your interior designer, should your project have one, to discuss your vision and demonstrate home automation’s full capabilities. At TSP Smart Spaces, it is your experience that is important to us. We are your personal guides through your smart home journey, helping you to unlock the possibilities with home technology solutions. The ‘Design’ phase of our process is crucial to the smooth running of the following ‘Build‘ and ‘Support‘ phases. Ultimately ensuring that a plan has been made for both the aesthetics and functionality of the smart home technology. Check out this application of home automation technology for an example of design-led thinking.

Design-led thinking.

Your home’s smart space design is at the forefront of every technology decision we make. We strive to ensure that your home’s style is blended seamlessly with your new smart space automation technology. Customizable keypads, invisible speakers, natural lighting are just a few of the things that come together to complement the features that makes a space your home. We work closely with you and your interior designer to achieve your vision.

Curated solutions.

We work directly with you and your interior designer from design to implementation, as well as ongoing support. Our team ensures that only the most proven solutions are brought into your home. Every piece of technology brought to your new home has been meticulously reviewed and studied by our automation experts. We ensure that your new smart home will stand the test of time and work the way you want it to without issue.


Our smart home partners include Ketra Lighting, Lutron, Savant Home Automation, and more.

Integrated control.

Transform your living room from an intimate space to an exciting entertainment venue at the touch of a button. Start your day with a simple “good morning” to open motorized shades, control the heat, and power on your television. Voice controls, physical keypads, and universal remotes come together to transform your home’s technology from a feature of your home to an experience that fits your needs and lifestyle.

We find for many of our clients it’s the pleasure of the process as much as the result.

This stage of the process is a reflection of your own unique tastes, this is where everyday objects become art. Personalized keypads, invisible speakers, and customized roller shades just begin to scratch the surface of the endless possibilities smart home technology can bring to your home. From the earliest stages of the design phase, we work with you and your interior designer to ensure your new smart technology is truly a part of your home and reflects your personal needs as well as style. For interior designers smart homes brings a whole new tool box of options to the table, for you to enhance your designs. We stay on top of industry trends and themes by attending many events and summits. Check out what we learned at last year’s Luxury Design Summit! Contact us to learn more!