2,500 square feet of seamless integration

Nestled in the remote region of southern Iceland sits a luxurious vacation home. Located in Icelandic wilderness, this vacation home features an impressive pool, two outdoor hot tubs, sauna, and home gym, all laid against a beautiful Icelandic backdrop. An escape from the excitement of city life, this smart vacation home maximizes relaxation and personalization for every visitor.

Incorporating cutting-edge smart home technology for whole-home automation, the 2,500 square foot pool house provides effortless control. Automated windows and shades adjust automatically with the weather. Fully customizable lighting throughout the home allows for pre-programmed scenes to be activated at the touch of a button. Even the sauna, hot tubs, and pool are controllable from a single, integrated device. Allowing the user to control on/off status, water temperature, and even the bubbles in the hot tub.

  • Services

    • Lighting Control

    • Motorized Shades

    • AV

    • Network

  • Project Specifics

    • Lutron Homeworks QS system for whole-home lighting control
    • Customized Lutron seeTouch Keypads to blend with home’s design
    • Lutron Sivoia QS roller shades
    • Lutron window integration with weather station to automate window controls
    • Savant host and Universal Remote Controls for complete control of AV
    • Cisco Meraki equipment for the home’s robust network core
  • Partners

Envisioning the home’s full capabilities

With plans to rent out this home as a getaway to high-end clientele, the homeowner realized the need to bring in smart technology to push the envelope of what a vacation home could deliver. Our client was unfamiliar with the scope of this and how far the possibilities of smart space automation could go. Therefore, he came to us at TSP Smart Spaces to help him design and build a smart home that brings to life his vision of experience through technology.

Our home automation experts have brought smart technology to residential homes across the world. From Boston mansions to Florida seaside getaways, to penthouses in downtown Reykjavik, we were well-equipped for this project. We worked directly with the homeowner and our local team in our Icelandic subsidiary Nordic Smart Spaces. Together, we helped to formulate how smart home technology could be brought to life and enrich every aspect of his home.

Smart Vacation Home bathroom

Reinforcing a design narrative

One of the major challenges of this project was implementing smart technology in an already-built home. As the initial design did not include smart home technology, finding solutions that blended new technology with the specific design narrative of the home was imperative to success. The final product needed to be set up to host a variety of preprogrammed scenes while also having the ability to fully customize and personalize the space to support the diverse range of needs and styles potential renters and tenants of the home may have.

To add a layer of challenge to the project, the house was built using concrete, which posed difficulties with installing a network that interacts with the entire home without any dead spots or weak signals. Given the need for integrated control throughout the whole home, the new network needed to provide quality signal strength no matter where you are in the home, inside or outside.

Smart Vacation Homegym

Integrated control accessible from anywhere, anytime

TSP’s strength in adaptability were essential to the successful implementation of the new technology under a single integrated control system. Using a combination of equipment recommended by TSP and preferred brands of the homeowner, TSP Smart Spaces was able to bring all of the technology in the home under a single integrated control system, accessible wherever you are, no matter when it is.

Lutron lighting utilizing the HomeWorks QS system transforms the home’s lighting into a dynamic experience, changing in harmony with sunlight, your desired atmosphere, or the task at hand. Lutron also provides the connection between the Peet Bros weather station and the home’s windows, allowing for automation to be set up to close windows in the event of inclement weather or open them during beautiful, sunny days. 

Savant Universal Remotes takes smart living to the next level, bringing control over the whole home’s audio and visual devices and allowing endless personalizations for even the least tech-savvy users. With custom screen layouts customizable hard buttons, the Savant remote can endlessly customize your space at the touch of a button and provides quick access to what you use the most.

To ensure the network was accessible throughout the entire home, TSP applied the power and stability of a Cisco Meraki network with access points spanning the entire home. Nine separate access points were installed in strategic areas of the home to mitigate the connection issues concrete brings to home networks. This included below the pool, the outside spa, the kitchen, gym, and more. The result is a network that brings control to all smart devices and is accessible from anywhere, at any time.

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