The 3 Key Benefits That Smart Lighting Can Bring to Your Home

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Smart lighting allows you to personalize the lighting in your home to fit any mood or activity. From setting automation schedules that synchronize with your daily routine to giving you the power to control your entire home across a single device, smart lighting turns once futuristic ideas into everyday realities.

With a diverse range of solutions from DIY solutions such as Phillips Hue and GE to more advanced whole-home solutions from USAI and Lutron, it’s never been more accessible for homeowners to bring smart lighting into their lives. The diversity offered in available solutions allows homeowners of all budgets and levels of expertise to experience the benefits of intelligent lighting.

TSP Smart Spaces has been installing and integrating lighting solutions into homes for well over a decade, and we continue to see the exceptional experiences that smart lighting creates firsthand. Read on to learn about the three most recognizable and distinct advantages smart lighting brings to the comfort of your home.

Flexible Control Through Smart Lighting Control

See home automation brought to life in our Hooper Mansion Project

Whether you have smart lighting or not, you have preferred lighting 'scenes.’ Most of us have at least some preference for brighter energetic light at certain times, dimmer and warmer light at others. Often though, the hassle of manually setting every light in your home to fit every changing activity or mood outweighs the benefits. Smart lighting solves this challenge by bringing these preferred scenes to life in your home.

The growing popularity of ecosystems such as Savant, Apple Homekit, Google Home, Alexa, and, has brought on advanced ways of controlling your smart home with little effort. Available on a myriad of devices, remotes, keypads, or even your voice, these solutions are built to empower you to control your home the way you want to. The ability to set programmed ‘scenes’ with simplicity allows you to set your lighting preferences in a way that reinforces your unique needs and lifestyle. It takes the heavy lifting out of manually setting every light in your home every time your mood or activity changes.

With the flexibility to control your home’s lighting from anywhere, you can turn on a light in your home to detract burglars and give the impression that someone is home, even if you’re half a world away.

Natural Lighting

Automated lighting mimics natural light in this contemporary colonial home featuring Lutron lighting

We all have an inner clock that our body uses to regulate itself. This biological process, called our Circadian Rhythm, helps our bodies fall into natural patterns, letting us know when to eat, sleep, wake up, and work. Until very recently in human history, this process has been primarily driven by the sun’s natural pattern and the light it provides. With humans spending increasing amounts of time indoors and our ability to create artificial light, this circadian rhythm is easily disrupted and can affect our sleep patterns, concentration, memory, and overall health.

This is where smart lighting comes in with a solution. Smart light bulbs can be automated to mimic the sun’s light throughout the day, bringing the power of sunlight into your home. This automation goes beyond simply turning on or off lights when the sun rises or sets. Smart lighting can be set to not only brighten or dim with the sun but adjust with its natural color temperature.

While most smart lighting solutions empower a homeowner to bring natural light into their home, no other company harnesses natural light’s dynamic power as Ketra Lighting does. By using technology that shifts temperature and intensity along a near-infinite spectrum, Ketra specializes in replicating the sun’s natural light bringing synergy and productive living to every aspect of your home.

Energy Efficiency

The Savant Pro App allows you to control your home’s lighting no matter where you are

Are you worried about the environmental impact your lighting creates? Is your electric bill climbing too high with all your home’s lighting? Ever come home from shopping or a vacation to realize you left on a light or two in your home?

Smart lighting can help to alleviate these challenges by increasing energy efficiency while decreasing costs. On their own, LED bulbs use up to 75% less energy than conventional light bulbs and last for up to 50,000 hours (20 times longer than halogen and 50 times longer than incandescent - source). A smart lighting system can make even traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs more efficient by automatically managing usage.

Occupancy sensors can turn on lights when you enter and automatically turn them off when you leave. Kids never turn off the lights when leaving the bathroom? That's OK, your house will do it for you. You can turn off all of the lights in your house at the touch of the button.

No longer do you have to wonder if you turned off the bathroom light before leaving the house, our "all off" scene ensures that your lighting takes zero energy while you're away. This can help you make sure you’re not needlessly wasting energy.

Your Next Steps to Smart Lighting

Are you interested in bringing the benefits of smart lighting to your life? Start your smart home journey by contacting us to connect with a member of our home automation team. Are you interested in seeing how other smart home technologies can similarly improve your life? Learn more about smart shades, security, AV, climate control, and aftercare support for your residential home, and even see smart home technology examples in action!


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