Smart Homes for Small Spaces: November Event Retrospective

On November 5th, TSP Smart Spaces held a small, private party to show our latest smart home project to a unique slice of the Boston elite. In attendance were our clients, real estate agents, architects, designers, and other high net-worth individuals from around the city. Companies represented included Devine Design, the BSO, I-KANDA Architects, Hickox Williams, Leslie Saul & Associates, and Peak RE Partners.

The topic: Smart Homes for Small Spaces. Founder Michael Oh and Director of Smart Spaces Aaron Stallings demonstrated three different units at the Hooper Mansion. These have been kitted out with varying levels of smart technology. From a retrofitted apartment to a 4,500 sq ft complete custom build, TSP demonstrated Lutron lighting control, Savant whole home control, Alexa voice control and even Amina invisible speakers.

Lutron and Savant – two of our biggest partners – were there to show their newest products. In addition, we showcased amazing lighting and AV equipment by Amina, Lightheaded, Acolyte, LG, and others. All were on display in these three units. The clear crowd favorite was the LG W-series Signature OLED 77” TVs – with three different mounting options shown, including a completely invisible installation that left only a thin 77” panel of glass on the wall showing incredibly rich 4K content.

The impressions?

“Amazing products.”

“That was one of the more unique events I’ve attended.”

“It was really interesting to see TSP’s installations in the home.”

It may have been our first smart home event for our team to show our newest project in Boston, but it was a huge success. Let us know if you’d like to get an invitation to our next exclusive event.

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