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Our unique perspective on smart technologies and years of experience results in a revolutionary design for the infrastructure of 10 World Trade, located in the heart of the Seaport District.

Photo credit: Sasaki

Client Name: Boston Global Investors (BGI)

Architect: Sasaki

Project Type: AV and Low-Voltage Consulting

Key Services Provided: AV Systems Consulting, Low-Voltage Wiring, IT Space Planning


Commercial buildings today are expected to be works of wonder - they need to be architectural masterpieces, eco-friendly, highly secure, but also contribute to the surroundings both as a nice backdrop and as part of the community. BGI has created projects spanning from Boston to Seoul, Korea. They made their name in Boston’s famous Seaport district, being one of the first to see the potential of a sea of parking lots as world-class residential and commercial properties.

At 10 World Trade, a new 17-story building is being developed that will serve both the public and private businesses alike. The open-concept lobby design delivers two floors of fully public spaces for retail, community gatherings, and pedestrians while the upper floors are designed to attract professional clientele boasting Class A office and lab space. Behind the scenes, buildings today need to be digitally and physically secure and utilize the newest innovations in technology for everything from lighting to A/V. That was the challenge that BGI brought to us at TSP.

Photo credit: Sasaki

Project Challenge

Even before COVID-19, BGI knew that their building, 10 World Trade, needed to have an edge to attract the best of the nation’s tenants. Boston’s Seaport neighborhood has evolved in recent years to become a premier tech hub in the city, rivaling that of Cambridge’s Kendall Square. Technology startups and established businesses alike have recently flocked to the Seaport as it has become a prime location for innovation and growth. While the location is ideal, attracting premier tenants during a pandemic adds a layer of difficulty due to ever-changing safety protocols and market uncertainty. To overcome this barrier, our technology experts and BGI are pushing the envelope for what a smart building can provide to its tenants, creating a space that empowers its tenants to innovate at the highest levels.

The TSP Solution

Our team designed a core network that could sustain everything that a commercial building requires today to be a competitive player in the space. That’s a lot more than you might think. Today’s commercial networks need to support a wide variety of systems - including public and private WiFi, core networks for Building Management Systems (BMS), Audio and Video routing, and security systems.

With experience working in projects like the Celtics Auerbach Center, we knew that what needed to be built in 10 World Trade was something more than just your standard building-wide network. 10 World Trade required a robust network, designed to expand to incorporate and integrate tenant systems with the building management systems. We collaborated with BGI at an early stage to specify Cisco Meraki networking equipment, size all of the AV requirements and LED walls, and map out WiFi access point locations as the building’s design was being finalized. That allowed BGI to feel confident that when the building breaks ground in 2021, it will be ready for the future and equipped to expand with the needs of the building's tenants. The completed building will transform Boston’s Seaport area into a hotspot of connectivity for the area - linking levels, modes of transportation, and the public and private realms.

Photo credit: Sasaki

Involvement at Every Level

  • Design-Led Thinking: Our team participated in design charrettes with Sasaki and BGI to understand their design concepts so that all of the underlying technology could be put into place in the early phases of schematic design. This allowed the technology to be incorporated as part of the building’s design and vision, rather than a utility added afterward.

  • Real-World Experience: With experience consulting on technology in commercial spaces like the Accel Partners penthouse office in London and the Celtics Auerbach Center, we knew what was relevant for what real-world commercial spaces and what was a waste of budget.

  • An Eye on Budget: We worked with vendors to create preliminary designs of their AV and networking solutions, to make sure that even in the earliest stages of budgeting, that all of the technology components were being included in the project.

“We initially thought of bringing in TSP to assist with our systems integration towards the end of the project, however we quickly realized the benefits of having TSP lead the AV and Low Voltage through the design, budgeting and buy-out process to meet the Project’s goals and objectives; both from a design and cost perspective. TSP was very effective at collaborating closely with a multidisciplinary design team to achieve a forward thinking AV and Low Voltage design approach that is a value-add to the overall development” - Boston Global Investors (BGI)

Photo credit: Sasaki

Built for the Future

BGI worked with world-renowned architects Sasaki to create a building that provides an open, welcoming lobby with a multi-function auditorium and cultural center, positioned below 16 stories of commercial space in the highly sought after Seaport district. The team approached the design around an urban “push/pull” concept that focuses on pushing in urban fabric from all directions with open spaces on all levels and sides of the building while at the same time pulling the corners of the building outward, subtly gesturing to its surroundings such as the harbor, Seaport, and more. Behind the incredible glass facade, the building also had a digital core that supported the many different uses with many tenants and visitors in and around the space.

We at TSP helped BGI and Sasaki design a core network and low-voltage design that provides a rock-solid foundation for world-class tenants. Not only did we focus on enhancing the building's smart capabilities, but we also focused on reducing system complexity, lowering cost, and increasing physical and cyber security.

Pushing the Boundaries of Functionality and Design

10 World Trade represents the future of commercial building and establishes a public realm that is active and invigorating twelve months a year. Open and airy during beautiful summer months. Vibrant with greenery and warmth during the coldest stretches of winter. 10 World Trade delivers a truly captivating tenant experience from it’s rich, modern design to it’s high-powered and adaptable technology infrastructure.

With roughly 600,000 square feet divided into lab, office, cultural, retail, and outdoor sections, 10 World Trade will push the traditional boundaries of building functionality and design.

From a technology standpoint, 10 World Trade will be fully equipped to handle any possible tenant or public needs. This includes:

  • Robust 10-gigabit fiber backbone as the buildings core network

  • Video capabilities throughout the building and multiple projectors to display textural or digital art

  • Lighting and shade control for the common areas with smart space control technology

  • Auditorium audio and video implementation equipped to handle performances and special events

  • Detailed audio design seamlessly integrated into the building’s architectural features

  • Public WiFi network for the common areas

  • Secure WiFi network for the building's operations

Photo credit: Sasaki

Collaborating with the Best in the Business

Our technology experts collaborated with industry-leading firms C3, Wiredscore, and EDGE to help achieve all the goals of this project. A part of the original consultant team, C3 provided design engineering services in relation to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of the project. As an international consulting firm with experience in a diverse range of projects (high-rise commercial buildings, industrial parks, resorts, hotels and more), C3 provided expertise and ensured compliance with complex, evolving regulations throughout the entire project.

We also worked with BGI to bring Wiredscore into the project. Wiredscore works closely with developers to provide certifications and ratings to commercial real estate. These certifications work to optimize design during planning and construction, helping to avoid future retro-fit costs, attract tenants, and enhance the reputation of the project.

To bring in practices from smart buildings in Europe, our team worked with Amsterdam-based EDGE. A real estate developer and smart building expert, EDGE helped to ensure the building’s health, sustainability, and smart services. To confirm these goals are being met, EDGE is also assisting in the process of obtaining WELL, LEED, and SITES certifications.

Partner with TSP Smart Spaces

At TSP, we combine forward-thinking IT solutions with personalized service. We provide cloud migration, network monitoring, and other outsourced IT services to a broad range of clients — from big names like Novartis and the Boston Celtics to dozens of small and medium-sized organizations. By employing trusted business IT support advisors and strategists, we can help anyone transform technology into a strategic asset.

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