With TSP Smart Spaces' residential smart home automation, you can:

Enhance your life. Master your world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re up early, burning the midnight oil, or simply enjoying a moment of tranquility. The ability to control your home’s sensory elements means maximum efficiency, greater satisfaction, and less time trying to troubleshoot technology challenges.

Our Smart Home Projects

From a remote retreat in the Icelandic wilderness to a private seaside getaway in Florida to a historic townhouse in downtown Boston, TSP Smart Spaces can make your dream house a reality – no matter your location.

Intelligent design. Collaborative creation.

An empty residential space is like a blank canvas with a world of possibility. Whether it’s new construction or renovation of an existing property, we partner with clients and architects from the earliest stages to visualize and curate specific use cases for every setting within a home, providing design insights and strategic analysis that ensures each room delivers on its potential and your vision.


Your comfort is paramount — no matter what the seasons may have in store. From HVAC heating and cooling to underfloor systems, in-home spas, pools, and fitness centers, temperature control the TSP way means absolute mastery over your environment, at your fingertips. Whether you run too hot, too cold, or just right, rest assured — you’ll never play Goldilocks in your own house again.

Smart Lighting

TSP Smart Spaces' longstanding partnership with Lutron, the global pioneer in environmental lighting control, allows us to curate complex systems that can be controlled with the utmost simplicity across any interface. That means shading systems and mood lighting for your entire home, a single room, or even an individual light that can be controlled via keypad, tablet, mobile phone, or voice — anytime, and from anywhere.


Tailor the comforts of your smart home to the cadence of your day. Wake up to soft light, heated floors, and a fresh-brewed cup of coffee. Crank up the music while working out in your sound-proofed fitness room. Take command in an efficiency-optimized home office, then curate a relaxing dinner ambience with the touch of a button. Custom moods have the power to transform the rooms of your home into inviting, luxurious spaces that respond to your wishes and emotions.


TSP Smart Spaces has delivered on every request - every detail considered so that my smart home feels like it's part of my daily life. They can make changes remotely and even answer my IT questions. It's great to have their team to help me with my tech every step of the way. 


Invisible Smart Home Tech

Seamless integration of technology and design is one of the guiding principles of our work. In a TSP smart home, tech isn’t the centerfold; it’s the vessel into which we’ll pour all the things that make you who you are. From audio and lighting to security and next-generation power sources, we find the subtle touch reigns supreme. See for yourself.

Azure Villa

St George Island, Florida

Saint George Island is famous for being a nesting ground for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. It also happens to host some of the most exclusive property on the Gulf of Mexico.

TSP brought smart home technology to the Forgotten Coast with whole house automation. See how we made Azure Villa one of the best of the best.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke 

Ready to live in the future? Call 617 267 3030 or email smart@tsp.space to connect with a member of our home automation Boston team.

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