Cape Cod is famous for its beautiful beaches, delicious lobster rolls, and laid-back lifestyle. All of these have made the Cape a popular destination for vacationers, with many people owning luxurious summer homes along the oceanfront. In the case of this particular summer home, the laid-back lifestyle has been made possible thanks to the smart home automation technology throughout the home. These solutions enable the homeowner to forget about technology and focus on relaxing and rejuvenating when vacationing on the Cape. 

A simple and dependable design

The owners of this home approached us to design their smart home after knowing us due to an ongoing relationship with our sister company, TSP IT Services. They were familiar with home automation, having had a system in their main residence. However, they were unhappy with that system as it kept breaking and never worked as intended. Having known TSP and our strengths for implementing reliable and simple-to-use solutions, they came to us to build a smart home that was simple yet dependable and appreciated our reliable support and advice. The home technology solutions needed to enhance their vacation home without complicating their day-to-day life. 


Easy to use solutions

To bring reliability and simplicity to the home, we turned to trusted partners Savant, Lutron, Sonos, and Cisco Meraki. For the home’s shades and lighting, we integrated a Lutron Homeworks QS system. This allowed both to work harmoniously together, bringing natural light into the home during the day, and illuminating the home at night. Lutron Palladiom keypads are installed throughout the home for an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing solution. 


For the smart vacation home’s audio solutions, Bose speakers are unobtrusively installed throughout the living areas as well as discreetly placed outdoors for a discreet yet immersive solution. The Bose speakers are all integrated with a Sonos audio system connected to Savant to control their audio from the same system as everything else in the home. iPads and Savant Pro Remotes are placed throughout the home so that Sonos audio can be selected and fine-tuned easily in any room. 

Built for the weather

One of the key features of the system we installed is the ability to access the home remotely and perform fixes. Cape Cod is an area of Massachusetts that is prone to severe weather, from rolling thunderstorms in the summer to blizzard conditions in the winter, cutting off easy access to the Cape. Being able to remotely diagnose and deploy fixes saves time and money and makes it easy for the homeowners to manage their system, giving peace of mind that their home is safe even when they are not there. This is just one of the many advantages to our smart home support services. 


Every smart home we build has a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) installed. This keeps the power and network online during small power outages and saves us the stress of rebooting systems during outages. This feature is handy for this Cape Cod home, prone to many storms during the summer months. 


Supported by the best

No smart home is complete without a strong network to back up all of the technology solutions. In the case of this Cape Cod home, we installed a Cisco Meraki network, complete with firewalls, network switches, multiple access points, and VLANs for separating IoT devices from the primary network. While all of this helps us manage, diagnose, and fix issues easily as they arise, it also helps protect the client from potential cyberattacks. Cyber threats are on the rise, especially in home networks. As this particular home is not always occupied, having a well-built and monitored network protects the homeowners data and devices, even when not in use.


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Get started

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