'Smart technology is essential in future property development'

Building the future from the ground up

From luxury homes to condos and apartment complexes, technologically optimized smart spaces are the future. And while quality integration and maintenance adds a layer of complexity to development projects, it can also be an incredibly effective sales differentiator — one which goes beyond traditional levers like bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage to separate your property from the rest of the pack. That means a quick sale to discerning buyers in your target demographic — and the maximum return on your investment.


No matter what kind of space you’re developing, TSP is the ultimate technology partner. We’ll work within your budget and alongside your lead architect to assess floor plans and use cases, develop a range of smart home-enabled technology scenarios for you to choose from, and assist in both design and installation. When construction is complete and units are occupied, we'll take over with remote monitoring and direct maintenance of the smart home technology — saving you time, money and stress in the long run.

 High security building entry system 
 Allow residents access through mobile devices 
 Luxury lighting control aesthetics and function 
 Automatic temperature control 
 Automatic window shades 
 Options to control with Apple, Google, Amazon and Savant 
 Highly customisable to suit end user tastes 

An Experienced Partner

TSP has decades of history in high-end residential smart home build-outs, and have always had a singular goal: reliability. Without it, smart home technology doesn't make sense -- for developers, or for end users. With that in mind, we bring all the lessons we’ve learned over the years to the table for every collaboration in every imaginable setting, from multi-million dollar smart home build-outs to production luxury properties and beyond.


Implementing smart home technology can be done for a fraction of a percent of the total purchase price – and create a price-breaking differentiator compared to other units on the market.




Austurhöfn means the Eastern Harbor, a nod to the location of one of the most exclusive properties in a very exclusive country. Located in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland with views that stretch into the North Atlantic, every residence in this unique and striking property includes smart home technology at its core.


Opening next year, TSP is helping make Austurhöfn the hub of smart home design in Iceland.


Ready to build out the 21st century? Call 617 267 3030 or email smart@tsp.space to connect with a member of our home automation for property development team.


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