Smart Technology Solutions for an Icelandic Ocean Villa

Photo by Gunnar Sverrisson

A modern, Scandinavian home featuring home automation as stunning as the seaside views.

Built Utilizing the Best in Icelandic Talent

Just outside of Reykjavik, overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean, lies a seaside villa pushing the boundaries of luxury living in every way. Initially built in 2006, new ownership in 2016 resulted in the complete reconstruction of the entire home’s interior layout and interior design. Sourcing entirely from Icelandic talent, the new owner put together a team of the best architects and designers to create this stunning home. This team included architects Steve Christer and Margrét Harðardóttir at Studio Grandi, and interior designer Selma Agustdottir. These architects came to the project with plenty of experience, having design Reykjavik City Hall, the Supreme Court of Iceland, and the Reykjavik Art Museum Hafnarhus.

Smart Technology Solutions that Reflect the Home’s Narrative

Just as the new homeowners wanted the home’s new design to reflect the very best in Scandanavian and modern design narratives, they wanted the technology in their home to reflect the very best in smart technology and home automation. For this, the homeowners turned to us at TSP Smart Spaces and our nordic subsidiary Nordic Smart Spaces. By collaborating directly with the architects and designers throughout the project’s entirety, we integrated home automation solutions for the entire home that built upon the home’s design narrative or were hidden entirely from view. In all of our projects, we strive to be involved in the design process as well as the build and support processes so that the power and infrastructure smart technology requires is considered at every step.

Photo by Gunnar Sverrisson

Open-Concept Design Required Specific Smart Technology Solutions

A popular trend in new homes, especially Scandinavian builds, is an open-concept interior design with plenty of glass that provides plenty of natural light and a clean, cohesive design narrative, and this home is no exception. Every room in this home affords sweeping views of the ocean and countryside perfectly juxtaposed with the home’s interior’s clean, industrial style.

One of the biggest challenges we ran into with this project was integrating technology, especially a whole home audio solution, into this home that did not detract from the specific design of the home. It needed to meld seamlessly with the aesthetics of the space or be completely hidden from view while still providing unique technology experiences that both enhanced and simplified the lives of the homeowners.

An Invisible Solution that Keeps the Home’s Design Intact

For the home’s audio system, we turned to Amina and their revolutionary invisible loudspeakers. Hidden behind the plaster of the walls and ceilings, Amina invisible speakers provide a whole home audio experience in the home’s living areas, including the kitchen, dining room, study, bedrooms, and living room.

We have brought Amina speakers into many clients’ homes, and they are utilized worldwide in museums, hotels, and other public spaces. We knew we were installing an audio solution that not only looked good but sounded incredible as well. A total of 20 Amina Edge5 invisible speakers partner with 5 Amina ALF subwoofers throughout the entire home.

A logistical installation challenge

Weighing more than 40 lbs and spanning over five feet in length, each Amina subwoofer posed a clear logistical challenge of space and power. This challenge highlighted the importance of our involvement in the design process from the beginning. It allowed us to carve out dedicated ceiling space for each subwoofer that left room for wiring, HVAC, and lighting. Our early involvement in the process saved untold amounts of time and money to install the technology after the renovations were complete.

12 Zones of Immersive Audio

For the audio distribution, three Savant Pro Audio 4’s provide streaming, AVB-based distribution, and amplification for a total of 12 independent zones for whole home audio. The Savant Pro Audio 4 is an all-in-one music solution that includes a 50-watt amplifier, integrated audio processing, and four zones of high-quality audio that syncs between rooms.

By integrating Amina invisible speakers and Savant audio, we provided an incredible audio experience for the homeowners that are completely hidden throughout the home.

Photo by Gunnar Sverrisson

Smart Solutions from Industry Leaders

A smart home is a space where technology and experience meet to empower you with unlimited creativity and control of your home. Technology solutions from a myriad of companies come together to bring you a single integrated control system from which you can control your entire home and everything in it. This control system transforms your home from a space with technology into a truly smart home.

In this ocean-side villa, we were challenged to harness the home’s diverse technology and bring it all together into one integrated system. This meant tying together audio from Amina, video from LG Electronics, lighting from KNX, shade control from Lutron, controls from Basalte and physical security from 2N to provide an immersive and intuitive technology experience for anyone using the home.

A Savant System that Harnesses the Home’s Technology Under One Integrated Control

Photo by Gunnar Sverrisson

In almost every project we bring to life, we turn to Savant’s smart technology solutions to integrate the diverse products seen in every home under one easy-to-control system. The ability to harness controls from almost any third-party solution on the market makes Savant a keystone facet in any smart home project we undertake.

By integrating Savant, we were able to bring the home’s physical security, AV solutions, lighting and shade control, and climate control all under a single control system. This integrated system allows the homeowners to control every aspect of their homes via their voice (6 Amazon Echo Dot’s blanket the entire home), remote control (5 Savant Pro Remote’s lie throughout the home), or via their mobile device (the Savant Pro App). These control options empower the homeowners to control their entire home, wherever they are and however they prefer.

“The great thing about the Savant platform is that it allows for so many different integration possibilities. They’re not just saying they’ll only integrate with ‘XY&Z’ manufacturers. A big focus of theirs is increasing their compatibility and ease of programming. That was key for us on this project.” - Michael Oh, President of TSP Smart Spaces.

Project Specifics

Photo by Gunnar Sverrisson

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