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The remote collaboration revolution spans every continent and every industry. Executives and managers of every type now realize the value of teleconferencing, and make use of global teams and online huddle rooms that improve efficiency and create opportunity. A seamless technological experience is more important than ever.

Our AV solutions provide high-resolution imaging, crystal clear audio, multi-user screen-sharing and more. They are designed to integrate with and improve platforms like Zoom and Skype for Business — even Google Hangouts and FaceTime — which means a seamless technology experience where nothing gets lost in translation.

Smart Spaces

Workplaces that repurpose in-person meeting rooms for teleconferencing often find that these spaces aren’t acoustically, visually or aesthetically optimized. We work to understand specific objectives for a given space, be it presentations or teleconferences, then tailor the space to deliver the highest standard of audio and visual performance.


Visual effectiveness of digital conference or presentation space depends on much more than screen size. Lighting, shading, screen placement, and orientation are critical but often overlooked components. At TSP, we consider every element and every detail, which means flawless function and the right aesthetic for your organization.


Whether you’re negotiating a contract or pitching a project, you should never have to contend with background noise, echoes, and static. We’ll evaluate and optimize the acoustics of your space, sound-proof doors and windows, and deploy tactical microphones, high-quality speakers and echo cancellation. When you and your team speak, you’ll know you’re coming through loud and clear.


"TSP has been terrific in helping design the AV integration for our meeting rooms and public spaces in our London office. Their attention to detail has resulted in a very easy to use AV system and has maximised our investment in AV technology."


It's all in the Details

From invisible speakers to awe-inspiring meeting room tech, TSP dedicates itself to dealing in the details to ensure that your office and collaboration technology meets and exceeds the expectations of your staff, your clients, and yourself.

Accel, London, UK

Accel was founded in 1983 and has helped a few companies you might know. In 2005, it invested $12.2 million on a college dropout named Mark Zuckerberg. On top of being Facebook's first investor, Accel has helped companies like Dropbox, Slack, Spotify, and DJI become household names.


TSP was called upon to make the A/V in their European HQ a great return on investment. See how we did it. 

Ready to become a tech-savvy titan of industry? Call 617 267 3030 or email to connect with a member of our home automation Boston team.


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