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About TSP Smart Spaces

Our work in home automation and technology architecture began when a longstanding client, frustrated by the smart home technologists and integrators creating sub-par solutions for his own home, issued us a simple challenge: “Do better.”


So we did.

Leveraging our 27 years of strategic technology development and implementation, a diverse team of specialists based in Boston MA, and a long-standing commitment to innovative, bespoke, design-informed solutions, TSP Smart Spaces looks beyond tired industry-standard approaches to home automation. Instead of filling a space with obtrusive, overpriced and inadequately maintained tech, we focus in simplicity, seamless interaction, remote monitoring, reliability, and most importantly, a flawless user experience.

Our Smart Home Team

Michael Oh
President and Founder

As TSP's Founder, Michael wants to make the complex simple--whether it's creating efficiency in your business, or bringing automation into your home. His expertise in understanding interdependent systems ranges from aerospace engineering to raising twins. From hardware to software, Mike's motivation is to help others live and work with an appreciation of technology and its magic.   |  617 778 1232​​

Aaron Stallings
Director of Smart Spaces

Grace and precision: two words that describe Aaron's smart space design aesthetic. Having studied both interior design and architecture, Aaron understands space and structure – inside and out. These days, he's using technology and home automation to make the most of light and space in residential and commercial properties. Or, as he describes it, "The Jetsons, but for real and for now."  |  617 778 2819

Adam Fisk
Director of IT Services

Officially, Adam’s role as Director of IT Services is to ensure that our (and our clients’) systems are running as required.  His background in radio and production has given us TSP’s Grepcast, “a weekly look into the world of technology and technology-adjacent ephemera.”  |  617 778 2815

Chris Feterowski
Build Technician

Captivated by the ever-evolving field of smart spaces, Chris finds passion in exploring and analyzing the cutting edge technology seen in smart homes, especially in the aural realm. He comes to TSP Smart Spaces with a diverse range of skills having worked as an audio engineer and technician for live concerts, social events, and corporate showcases.  |  617 778 2827

Kelly Ford
Project Manager

Kelly credits her success in IT project management to her college years working in a Montessori daycare. We credit it to her non-linear thinking and ability to keep us on task using her southern charm to hide a deadline-driven iron will.  |  617 778 2824

Chase Rowe
Design Engineer

Chase embodies the spirit of a digital native in an evolving world. Combining old-school experience like paper routes and sales gigs with a passion for new technology allows him to connect with clients to bring the best of IT systems and AV design into their lives.  |  617 778 2822

A Wealth of Experience

Our smart space ventures are the product of two decades of experience on the cutting edge of technology, providing strategic partnership, forward-thinking vision and managed support services to some of the most successful organizations in industries all over the world. No matter what your technology needs are, TSP is here to help.

TSP IT Services


Businesses need IT solutions built to address their own unique goals and requirements. We assemble the right team and mix of services for every need, whether it’s leading large scale projects or providing day-to-day support.


Key Services:

TSP IT Services

+1 (617) 267 9716

TSP Smart Spaces


Smart home technology solutions from TSP combine our decades of experience at the forefront of home and commercial automation with deep interior design acumen and cutting edge maintenance and support.


Key Services:

  • Collaborative design & buildouts

  • Long-term support & maintenance

  • Remote monitoring

  • Smart temperature, lighting, and moods

  • Workspace optimization

  • AV infrastructure

TSP Smart Spaces

+1 (617) 267 3030

Nordic Smart Spaces


The Iceland-based arm of TSP’s Smart Space unit, Nordic Smart Spaces shares our commitment to superior experience, intuitive design, and absolute reliability.


Key Services:

  • Collaborative design & buildouts

  • Long-term support & maintenance

  • Remote monitoring

  • Custom temperature, lighting, and moods

  • Workspace optimization

  • AV infrastructure

Nordic Smart Spaces

+354 4979701​​​​

Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your residential or commercial smart home project. Call 617 267 3030 or email to set up an introductory call or meeting.

1280 Massachusetts Ave

Cambridge, MA 02138 

Tel: 617 267 3030


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